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Life Assurance
  If you need comprehensive financial protection to cover such things as getting your children to age 21 or getting you to retirement then Term Assurance could be right for you. With a Term Assurance Plan you simply choose the amount of cover you need and the length of time you need it for.


The amount of life cover and monthly premiums remain fixed . You can choose from Life Cover only or Life Cover with Accelerated Specified Illness benefit. It can be used as security for Interest Only Loans. Indexation Benefit is available meaning that you have an Option to Automatically increase the amount of cover by 5% and the premium by 5% each year . There is no need for medical underwriting on the increased benefit. A Conversion Benefit is available meaning that the Policy can be converted at any time during its term into a new Term Life Assurance Plan or Mortgage Protection Plan (applies to Life Benefit only) without any medical underwriting. Automatic Children’s Package included. The main Benefit of Cover is that it pays a lump sum on death or diagnosis of a terminal illness.

  • Specified Illness Cover – Pays a lump sum amount on diagnosis of any 1 of 69 illnesses covered including cancer, heart attack and stroke.
  • Optional Benefits Total & Permanent Disability Benefit – pays you a lump sum if you are totally, permanently and irreversibly unable to carry out work as a result of injury or illness before your 60th birthday.
  • Hospital Cash Benefit – pays you a daily amount of up to €200 if you are in hospital for more than three days.
  • Increasing Cover Option – Your cover amount and premium increases by 5% each year to offset the effect of inflation.
  • Conversion Option – This option allows you to convert your current policy to a new Term Assurance plan or Mortgage Protection plan without having to provide evidence of health.


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Life Assurance (over 50’s)
AGE 50+ Easy Cover provides you with up to €25,000 of life insurance to organize a nest egg for your family, or to pay any outstanding bills you might have after you die.

There are “No” medical questions and you are guaranteed acceptance if aged 50-80.

Payment of premiums stops at aged 90, however your cover continues until ‘paid out’!

No Cigarettes? - No Brainer!
We have been pleased to save money for customers and improve levels of Life Cover for some existing clients who have ceased smoking. If you (or someone you know) were a smoker when taking out their mortgage or other Life Insurance and have quit smoking for a year or more – you are most likely paying too much. Contact us straight away and we will do our very best to reduce your monthly payments and / or increase your benefits for no additional cost.


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